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SECO's products and services

SECO is multiple product/service provider with emphasis on energy and environment.

SECO's product is

Oxygen analysers for combustion control

LED based lights and lighting solutions have been sold and hopefully started as another avadhar soon.

SECOs services are
1. Energy management services

    Energy Auditing
    Energy accounting
    Building energy assessment
    Equipment efficiency assessment
    Measurement and Verification
    Implementation supervision
    Optimisation solutions

The following are transferred to  EQuad engineering services, as part of the broad based engineering services to the industry

1.  Control system services for combustion related equipment
    Control system design and supervision for furnaces
    Control system design and supervision for Biolers and fired heaters
    Optimisation solutions for energy usage for energy guzzling sysems

2. Design services for combustion related equipment
    Themodynamic and heat transfer design consultnacy for Furnaces and ovens
    Burner modification design and implementaion for large and imported burners.
3. Product development consultancy - for concept to commercialisation of innovative ideas