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The team

Management team and key personel

T. Jayaraman

 The group is headed by T.Jayaraman , a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology,(IIT Madras), 1974. He has been working in the field of energy conservation and has published and presented many articles and papers on energy conservation. His papers on energy conservation have been awarded Prizes by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Apex body for energy conservation In India.

He has many innovations to his credit and has many patents (in process) to his credit in the field of energy conservation and LED related products.

After spending a few years in finding the next generation to use engineering for environment, he has promoted EQuad - a firm whose four E stands for Energy, Engineering, Education and Entrepreneurship

With Ramanan and Vasuki, Shudhlabh has been promoted, using technology to make waste treatment economically viable.


P.K. Ranganathan 

The energy services division of SECO group is headed by MR P.K Ranganathan, also a graduate from IIT Chennai, 1974. His more than 30 years of experience in the field of projects and engineering ensures the quality of service from this division. He is responsible for the activities of the Energy Services Division.  

Ranjini Jayaraman

A post graduate in English literature and having diploma in French, She is in-charge of the overall administration and marketing of the Oxygen analysers. A deep commitment to employee welfare and customer satisfaction ensures those who come into contact with her, to make her a friend for life.


S.Anandhan - who joined due to his passion for learning - at half of what he was earning - has learnt more than what an engineering graduate would have learnt in the past two decades. He had enhanced his paper qualification with ease using the knowledge learnt in SECO . He heads all production and service function. He also heads the new attempt by SECO to encourae long standing employees - namely Sairam Engreeners - a firm which has anand and another long serving SECO employee, Suresh as partners. This enables the employees to experience entrepreneurship, without the risks associated with it.

Vaishnavi Jayarman

A Chemical engineer with Gold medal for being in top of the class, and an university rank holder, she would be taking the position of general manager of the firm - with focus on improving the range and market, while ensuring improved administrative  and quality sysems. Vaishnavi Jayaraman had an excellent career in Beroe inc, a sourcing consultancy international organisation, with level improvement in every quarter with her performance. She is presently completing  MBA in GIBS School of business, Johannesburg, S.A - which is one of the top business schools in South Africa.  As a part of Global module during her MBA, she attended classes in Harward Busness School.